Reference Download

Once you have match name strings to WFO IDs this tool allows you to download ancillary data associated with those names.

You upload a CSV file the first column of which must include the WFO IDs (wfo-0123456789). Any values that don't match 10 digit WFO IDs will be ignored. If the WFO ID is repeated in the input file it will be repeated in the output file.

The results file will contain multiple lines per WFO ID. Each line will be for a reference associated with that name. The first will be the micro-citation for name and will always be present. Subsequent lines will be for people, literature, specimens and database references associated with the name.

The columns in the results file are as follows:

Upload a CSV File

Select file to upload:

Be patient. For large files this may take a while. Please don't use this for scraping all the data. The complete dataset can always be downloaded from Zenodo.